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me in those that should be treated as equals one of the best ways to say on dash stage fit is redeeming your own cooking in we will at. thank you for joining us. we will see you here tomorrow. >> good eveng everybody thank you for being with us. tonight you look at the capitol of yemen this city's residents on the edge and the army is on high eight alert after a drone strike to account for suspected al qaeda leaders it followed the u.s. warning of the eminent terrorist attack in the region with considerae focus on potential targets in yemen on your screen now commit the u.s. embassy closed after the white house ordered abroad evacuation of american citizens and u.s. personnel although the obama is administration in today
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made it clear they would prefer that i use a different word than evacuation. here is the state department spokesperson quibbling with the press over the use of the word evacuates and insisting on explaining what the obama ed ministrations sees as a significant difference between the evacuation and what the administration is now calling the ordered departure. >> i am curious what your quibbling with the word evacuate? >> it is a technical term. >> is a non technical term. >> i think you are looking at then dictionary. >> what would you call if you were told you have to leave and they force it o the plane? >> it is called the order departure that arabs live in
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the arabian peninsula that despite the claims they had decimated al qaeda and other regions. >> i would point to a couple of things. the leadership of the al qaeda core has been weakened
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, decimated. pointing you to the president's speech just a few months ago where he talked about that on a path to defeat it is consistently expressed about affiliate's and this is an example of that. >> where does the truth lie of the imminent threat to the middle east hard to tell that some critics have said lies about the truth then try to correct the language of the press what ever t administration is pushing we will take this up tonight and talk first with former u.s. air force general who will analyze the national security threats to give us his view of the white house to terrorist warnings and also president obama on the campaign trail to sell his economic vision for the
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middle-class. former cbo director on what he heard today in what he finds encouraging. then to expose the waste and fraud of the obama phone program to apply for a phone herself if she did better than finding one. the national columnist tells her story here tonight. we have breaking news with an unnamed u.s. official has told fox news that the justice department has filed criminal charges against several suspectederrorist with the benghazi terrorist attack coming nearly 11 months after they stormed the consulate killing four americans including christopher stevens. right now we do not know the exact nature of those charges because they are under sealor those named in the case again the
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justice department files the first crimal charges of the benghazi attack according to the unnamed u.s. officials. there are many unanswered questions white beat obama and administration has done nothing to bring down the attackers did now filing sealedourt documents instead of killing or capturing. the white house is struggling to rionalize the insistence the al qaeda threat of the middle east is diminished in face of the order to close facilities and in some instances to acuate personnel. the state department left today to clarify their rhetoric about al qaeda been on the rhine and explaining obama was referring to afghanistan and pakistan not necessarily of yemen or anywhere else. seemingly more intent to further of the station is
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set of clearly explaining the actions of our government. end henry has the report. >> to talk up the housing reform on "the tonight show" the drone killed four of militants overnights as the u.s. and british embassies evacuate its staff drawing a furious reaction from the government did for affairs panetta's statement said all the government of yemen appreciates foreign government's concerns for the safety of their citizens the declaration of nbc staff serves the interests of the extremists between yemen and the international alliance tween terrorism. the surprisi split five days after obama took great pains in the oval office to show cooperation with the presence of young men left officials splitting hairs if
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it was really an evacuation. >> eight you are looking in a dictionary definition. >> what we do call with your 70 told you have to leave the plan is funded in your forced t leave? >> it is called the order departure. >> the president suggested al qaeda with the arabian peninsula may be getting weaker. >> because of the reforms of the president initiated when he came into this office, what we have seen is al qaeda in the arabian peninsula moved back out of territories it was controlling. >> one day later the administration citing threats to close 19 indices of the mideast and further evidence that the president's strategy has been meandering. >> for four and a half years it has tried to slice and dice to define al qaeda as a
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little sliver hanging are around an an waziristan around the pakistan border that has always been a bit scared duration. >> goies the key talking points. >> and on the path to defeats to consistently expressed our concern of the affiliate's in this is an example of that. >> the first question the president would take on the terror threat comes from the comedian jay leno press today what he has now spoken out to reassure the public jay carney said he is not focused on words and acti in the coander-in-chief has directed h staff to keep americans safe at home and add more dash abroad. >> they are with thomas mcinerney retired air force general and military contributor. start with the response with
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what some have claimed is the unparalleled chatterer since september 11? >> i think it is very accurate to signal intelligence and is giving us indications whether we overreacted or not i don't think we had any choi we had to close 22 embassies but the sitting to your preludin of powell good things were in the state department where we are evacuating arguing it is the ordered departure or evacuation, we still have 19 indices closed. doesn't look like we have decimated al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or anywhere else because this is a broad centralized command and control apparatus functioning so i know get the feeling that we
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have decimated al qaeda. >> you have the feeling we have decimated at the margins the secrecy and the classified nature of the methods to gather intelligence and the ways we choose to analyze that that we gather? it seems like all lot of information has been put forward by the administration not necessarily those themselves t the national security folks that frankly leaves me a little troue the so much information is put out about at we are learning and the way we are responding tot. >> very troubling. there is no saying in our business that shington is a ship of state that leaks from e top not from the agencies but the very top or
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the state department. unfortunately by releasing the names of where we got this information from we just gave up some ve critical sourc. it is very disturbing all the information we are releasing now and it has a purpose to it, disturbed by it by the sickness of intelligence is what is so disturbing andou are spot on when you bring it up. >> but to denounce foreign pressure to end the political crisis that failed but mccabe and gramm senators, there is in cairo representing the wes government in what appears to be a diplomatic mission, your thoughts about how likely it is they could
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be affected if? is that the best approach the best approach to move forward with diplomacy in u.s. interest? >> look. admit it. after 11 or 12 years in the middle east and to force out there a the global war against radil islam, we are not going to make democracies out of those countries. we would like to have the general we a strong head of ste just like mubarak and for 30 years we had a very good relationship with egypt and he kept to the peace betwn the arabs and the israelis. we don't need a democratic republ orso-called democratic republic like morsi got with the muslim brotherhood. that is the last thing that we need. is a fight for pow out there with you get the radical islamist to win zero or strong authoritarian
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governments that in general support our interests. that is what we ought to be interested in. i don't know what senators mccain and kerry ofare trying to do. it is perplexing. >> also perplexed himself as they had expelled in the muslim brotherhood. here we have two senators dispatched by the president to cairo to call for the release of the muslim brotherhood leaders who have been imprisoned by the egyptian military. as you say, a perplexing. always great to have you here. thank you the court-martial trial of the ft. hood terrorist suspect began today. nearly four years after he killed 13 people allegedly and wounded 32 others. paralyzed from the waist
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down in his attack is representing himself and prosecutors and today's said he planned to kill as many soldiers as he could and thoroughly planned the attack in his opening statement he himself called himself of mujahedin and said the evidence will clearly show he was the shooter. and with the victory for private bradley manning his maximum prison time has been reduced from 136 years down at 90. what is the president trying to prove? former cbo director of whether president obama has pivoted from ross socialism to free-market capitalism.
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lou: former president george w. bush recovering at a texas hospital after successfully undergoing a heart stent implanted in a previously blocked artery it was discovered at the cooper clinic yesterday at the recommendation of his doctor is stench was placed in his artery and a spokesperson says the former precedent is in high spirits and is expected to we discharged tomorrow. president obama calling to wind down mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac in his economic pitch today. >> private capital should take a bigger role in the mortgage market. i know that sounds confusing to people who call me a socialist. [laughter]
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but i actually believe in the free market. i believe that our housing system should operate with a limited government role, a private leing should be the backbone of the housing market. lou: joining us now forr cbo director and president of the american action forum , a douglas holtz eaton. good to have you with us. the president is looking at his departure from a seemingly socialist perspective in his governance. is this a pit from sociali to free-market capitalism? >> yes. it is double rush away from the mortgage market where 90 percent of mortgages are backed by the government right now to wine and the is fewer than 90 percent and that is what we learned today. [laughr] he did to one to say he
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wants to do more refinancing of the government's expense even though we had 16 different program so far a and to major the 30 year fixed rate mortgages were at a lower rate that includes a subsid and that is appropriate to be off the hook but they have to pay for that subsidy. it was aixed set of messages that he had today. lou: i find it ironic he takes up the idiocy -- with it being that sector of the economy and everyone says leave us alone. we will be fine now he wants to bring the wisdom into other sectors into housing. that has to terrify people. >> that is the spot on
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observation including phoenix and others like las vegas but what stands out is that housing recovers most quickly through the foreclosure process quickly to clear out inventory and where you have the diversified base for implanted gross that is not about goverent programs but he went to the place that is best exemplified in that sets back we mention a lot of programs we need to let the market clear. lou: you have taken up the mantle of immigration reform and wrote an intesting piece today and the role of immigration reform legislation to stimulate the economy. you refer to thoseolks w are not anti-legal you call them the just say no members are there just say
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yes members as well? >> we will find out the house is embarked issue by issue i just want to find out the economic policy for the 21st century and we had this conversation before we are out of step with our competitors because we don't think about shifting the labor force globally. i think we should and i hope we see that in th house. time will tell but i certainly believe that is not the only thing we need to get better economic performance. lou: in that regard we agree but i don't think we agree with the house process has chosen incremental legislation carefully considered and they'd as a foundation not the omnibus law or the comprehensive law but sensible priorities moving forward carefully
10:23 pm
through the house and ultimately into lot is the correct approach that you say with th gang of 8 omnibus approach? >> i wou not. lou: say whatever you want diana mondo lou dobbs shows. >> what you described as sensible policy i don't care how we get there. if that is what works in pieces i am fine with that. lou:hen you say concerned, i'm sorry. go when head. >> when you look at the employer verification my concern is the democrats will refuse to support the use process but they kill all hope and that is the biggest red this year. lou: it is time after six years that democrats and republicans should have
10:24 pm
learned to be honest with the american people and do the right thing and quit trying to game thessues and we can resolve this issue. douglas, a good to have you with us. now turning to wall street stocks finishing near session lows from fed officials. falling 93 points today on the dow jones industrial average the nasdaq down 27 points. the battle for dell rages on and billionaire carl icahn buys an additional 4 million shares of the computer maker michael dell. does he have your attention now? liz claman talked with him exclusively about his stake and his attempt block any delay of a shareholder vote. >> rethink michael is buying
10:25 pm
it on the cheap. i do think we have a good genes but a lot depends if we can have that meeting right after. lou: the $3 million profit is a typo of very small number. carl icahn also said if we win michael dell will not be at the company''. sari. congress on vacation again giving themsels a waiver on one of the most unpopular laws. we will show you just help out of touch some of our law makers are with the mere citizens. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spen more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online
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♪ lou: congrs is on the 5-week recess. some of them will be working, of course, getting reelected and other important things. many of them will have time off. these folks, we notice, do get a lot of time often money. a l of other perks that most of america does not.
10:29 pm
interesting to take a quick look at what congress does it. congress gets a vacation. 239 days this year out of washington. of course that's not all vacation. it includes work in the district, but it is a lot of time away from washington, something i personally would prefer that do more often. get away from washington. that's where a the trouble starts. compare that to the average number of vacation days from mere working citizens. eight days. that's eight days. i mean, that is not fair, is it? and how about all the money. congress base salary, $174,000. the rest of us mere citizens make, on average, just over 45,000 per year. did i mention the perks? a free car, for crying out loud for house members.
10:30 pm
free flights almost anywhere, and free to a top scale it gym. the rest of us as to deal with the average price of gasoline that comes in and about $3.60 per gallon. going down. congress sll won't have to worry about it. average airline ticket prices $3.79. evers gym $42 a month. congress is not a bad place to work then there of the rest of us. they may not have an easy job, we can argue, but it is certainly not as tough as republicans and democrats seem to want to make it. the congress cal of approval is that 15 percent. a public policy poll earlier this year found americans like cockroaches, colonoscopy,oot canals, and lice more than congress. congressional men and women seem to think themselves to be above all the rest of us, creating an
10:31 pm
even greater gulf between our government and the people that that government this of -- must serve. the divide was no more in evidence and just before congress left town on the five week recess and there was all about obamacare. of the cost of the health care -- because of health care law members of congress have to pay an additional 5,000 per year for an individual health care plan. 11,000 per year for family coverage. that scared a lot of folks. making a little bit of money. a lot more than just about everyone else in the country. including democrats and obamacare supporters their revolted and president obama struck a deal requiring that we mere citizens and taxpayers pick up the cost for congresonal employees to buy policies on the obamacare exchange is scheduled to open and less than two months. the rest of us get ready to shell out a little more money for obamacare.
10:32 pm
many residents in new york and california may actually see decreases in those premiums, but residents, for example, across the country will definitely see increases on average. in florida we figure will be about up 35 percent hike. ohio, about 41%. indiana health care costs going up an average of 72%. 72 percent in indiana. like is said, there's congress and then there's the rest of us. the gulf is even wider between us and our president big shot presidents, although this one seems to be trying especially hard to distance themselves from we mere citizens , vacationing in a multimillion-dollar martha's vineyard a state. mrs. obama showing greater restraint by not leaving town and tell a saturday where as for now just on that basis i put the score at obama one, congressman.
10:33 pm
we're coming right back. classic example of government waste and the political giveaway. how one reporter got not one but three obama phones. by the way, she is not impoverished. she shares her story n
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♪ in new. lou: the justice department finally filing criminal charges against a number of says it -- suspects. my next guest calls it a weak response after knowing for months who was involved. joining yes, senior writer. good to have you with us. comes the news tonight that the justice department, according to a u.s. official unidentified and
10:37 pm
and and apparently to the rest of the world who says the behalf seal to charges filed in an unknown court. is this a response that makes any kind of sense? >> in an unknown court against an unknown number of suspects. and has been reported that one of the leaders in benghazi is one of them, but we don't know how many there are. as a lot with don't know. they put out a statement that said the investigation is ongoing. we can be clear about one thing. this investigation has not been a top priority. if it had been we would have known more and had charges, probably some kind of raid.
10:38 pm
there wld have been unaccountable. we know more about. we know very little. when information have comes to the efforts of journalists that because it ministration. we've had a series of a thing can only be described as an embarrassment. lou: amongst those saloon, cable news network's putting pictures invoices of those who carry out attacks. first fox. no one has seen fit to kill or capture those folks who are declaring themselves of the the the ranchers. >> exactly right. lou: this has taken on a level of absurdity by this
10:39 pm
administration, particularly this justice department, the internal revenue service, benghazi home, the victims of not even been talk to by investigators in new. the process goes on as if an fbi investigation and has become the captain may take a kid in an issue and keep it apart from the american people. >> if you go back and look at the one person whe no has been charged want, he was the one who s found by a new york times reporter back in october, within one month of the attack. this reporter simpson is a drink with him and talked about his role. he denied a room with an ounce
10:40 pm
to was there. you have others who have been in touch with the news media. one suspected leader who was detained in to nation. week of limited access. and then they released him assure timely. the terrorist who were supporting part taking pictures of our agents on the ground who have gone there to interview. it looks like the keystone cop operation when it comes to this question of the investigation. lou: if indeed this is in in capable and competent fbi, but is being directed, it becomes something else in london. >> and it's clear theft want
10:41 pm
this issue to go ahead. they have come of this of on the scandal while but wouldn't want her you certain hidden his additional questions about the investigation and the security posture, the administration's misleading stories are questions that don't want to have to do do-it. lou: make you very much a man. an act of them up next, wall street, and have great news and then sells often. contradicting leaders. and we're coming right back. the boys used doublmiles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act.
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one wallow. ♪ and one. lou: it see terrible to mention it this way. stocks posting the worst since june after comments from the fed
10:45 pm
head of leading luminary's billion worrying investors about tinkering hidden. and we asked how mike, the principal on a fortress investment group and. in maker toave you with some. your thoughts about the market that still reacts to these random whom fed versus. >> they have a communication issue. on the one hand they want to taper and they're pretty convinced. they don't want to market to think the tide. they're trying to replace one to whom with another. the lower forecasts, do something to show the market that easing rates then, lower inflation, the unemployment-and
10:46 pm
this some time start tapering union in. this is saying we were efficacy of quantitative easing regina and the. lou: $3 trillion later in the. >> but not because the economy is roaring one. will change tools and the lou: have it become too much a part of the economy and more as its energy capitol hula absolutely critical. >> in think the fed and a new the plug thehe hole of the right to when in. hearing this inflection play where we get to live to-be. parts are in country after an.
10:47 pm
behave the fed thinks it can be of will put less-. there's nervousness their hidden by his pen and a bakthrough speed and. lou: we will will it take for corporate america to bring back the $3 trillion within one manhattan and -- >> it's a pretty simple set of them. businesses when he didn't. wouldn't some of this insurance and then it makes a levinson in. what thameans is confidence in the democratic creation hidden. we continue to lack in the political leaders. we're looking democratsre squabbling over time. the president been.
10:48 pm
and so did take some breakthrough-her some confidence is the. lou: of it might be housing him. at this point somewhat lohan behalf of of be the energy him resolution. the 9-where where where her. >> who lived on through this and the much less. so you have the some flames to get happen again pretty much the core which gets us one -- lou: we're out of time and give us your view on the market one. >> whenhe stocks will continue them. equities to cohan.
10:49 pm
lou: thank you from being hidden and a fraud and abuse of the obama program will offer power hidden who was given three iphones and the the federal government hadn't been right now, 7 years of music is being streamed. a quarter million tweeters are tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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lou: him in new. lou: you probably heard about a federal program of subsidized phoneervice for low-income americans under fire after reports of rampant fraud and abuse and. my next guest is leading the reporting hidden.
10:53 pm
it's almost lyrical hon. joining us now, gillian meltzer, a columnist for the nation review. reporting. how did you give one? >> it was way easier than i expected. basically outside of any food stamp office wl be a press but people who say, do you have a free phone yet. he's a pretty interesting choice of words. i was able to apply for aid, got three, and never lied. lou: does not a bad percentage. >> until then the truth about my income and welfare status. i'm not eligible, but that did not do their due diligence. lou: did anyone in the government contact you? and n? >> i wish they had.
10:54 pm
track fun, the ones that give me this zone. you can look at it. that is the company that owns the mexican henlly -- occupy has the mexican billionaire. lou: marketing. >> is getting about half a billion dollars a year and in subsidies and. lou: who is writing a check? >> the federal government, sec gives these companies money. that's why there ia perverse incentive and for these companies to go and put funds in the hands of consumers. press the good of the federal government's. that's one of the interesting things because there supposed to be for people who cannot afford the most basic plan- communists and as you get on they start trying to sell you upgrades well over $10. lou: to page foror the upgrades? >> you, but that negates the purpose of the program because if you can pay for upgrades to
10:55 pm
clearly done in the government payingor the phone. lou: obviously they don't care much about who can afford it or needs it. the folks that are talking, if you will, welfare found some, how does that work? they just position themselves out and say sinon up? >> usually to standing aside the welfare offices and they literally watchomeone sign you up for one the insurance fund will turn around and try to sign you up here is hard to see how people end up with 30 o 40 pound lou: and the program is drawing obviously. >> incredibly. if elected 2008 when wireless carriers or added the program costs or around $800 million per year. last year. as more thanouble, nearly
10:56 pm
chervil. -- nearly tripled. lou: as you establish a new reporting and have been talking about now on television fee, we have to have some way that we can say, this is madness and needs to be fixed. first, i have to askyself, is there any government program that does not just keep growing by leaps and bounds exponentially? >> secondly, is there any way to curtail such fraud, abuse and and be? his frustrating beyond belief. >> i think they have tried, and i know they have done audits before they found that 41 percent of the lifele customers had not proved eligibility. but i think whatou have here is, you can reform it all you want, but the federal government does not belong inhe cell phone business, any more than the cell phone companies belong in the welfare business. when you confuse the two problems become inevitable. it is an erance:00. lou: a lot of government and a lot of things and.
10:57 pm
we thank you for pointing it out . gillian, thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. lou: come back soon. that is it for us. we thank you for being
10:58 pm
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♪ neil: finally, the president kick ready and fanny and heinie. now i'm all about takig them to the curb, but i'm neil cavuto. betterate than never after taxpayers 0,807,000,000,000 to keep mortgage lender fannie mae anfreddie mac afloat, the president saying now is the time to set them not to seek. that is the good news. here's the bad. he still wants the government to have a role in the u.s. mortgage market, a backstop, as he calls it. isn't that what caused the problem in the first place, the government acting as a guarantor of the back mortgages. does not automatically make folks to provide the more reckless? get the big guy cking me have. th

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